What Possibly Could Go Wrong

Taper is bad…very bad and I have just begun.  This weeks schedule includes…

Monday  Feel like crap
Tuesday  Am I getting a cold?
Wednesday  Panic Attack
Thursday  Break up with Significant Other…now to be referred as Insignificant Other
Friday  Close my Business and file for unemployment (hell, everyone else does it!??!)
Saturday  Beat daughter in am and spend pm with child protective services
Sunday  Drink Mimosa’s with breakfast, Bloody Mary’s with Lunch and a bottle or two of wine with dinner!

I can’t wait until next weeks schedule??!?!  Top it all off with a healthy case of exhaustion and the dreaded mystery pains.  Today my left shoulder.  Yesterday was my left shin.  Last night my right knee.  None of these areas HAVE EVER HURT BEFORE!  If this continues I may need to hop on my bike for a six hour ride!  I know I will feel better afterwords…who says exercise is addictive?

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