Off-Season Run Camp

Running:  your best return on your training time investment in the holiday season.

December is busy!  Right now we need exercise with the biggest fitness gains and the most calorie burn in the least time.  My answer?  Run camp.  Running helps keep off the holiday pounds.  And if you take the time to do run camp well, you build durability for a great running/triathlon season.

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I have the plan for you!  I designed a two week block with 14 run workouts.  The two week block includes:

  • Bike and run workouts too.
  • Body weight training.
  • No online training log needed.

Sample page from Section I of your off-season plan:

Sample 60 Day Off-Season Plan

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This program is NOT designed for beginners.  My program is for a triathlete with a season of training experience.  No special equipment or online training log required.  You just need a good attitude.  Or a bitter attitude and a sense of humor.  Both work.

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