Notes from a Pandemic 3/23/20

I coughed five times last night when I started to go to sleep. And then I spent the next thirty minutes trying to decide what I would do if I was getting sick. How would I protect JoAnn? I ran through my plan again. And again. And then I fell asleep without another cough. I imagine everyone is going through the same mental loop.

We, and it is a total team effort, have managed to keep bageling during this time period. I have supported laying off anyone that prefers unemployment. I have had to lay off staff that is ill, staff that has visited a hospital and staff that traveled for spring break. Heartbreaking decisions.

The tenants in our apartment building have mostly left. Many are asking for refunds, discounts, etc. A trying time for everyone.

KT is working from home and manages it well. She has visited me a bit at work and gets to see upfront how we are practicing social distancing and no contact guest services.

I am still training but at a reduced level on volume and nothing above moderate hard work to maximize my immune system. It is much more like a base period for me. I do run more as it is the best bang for my fitness and body comp buck. Here is my typical week:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 6.2 mile run, 60′ bike

Tuesday, Thursday: 6.2 mile Gate 9 Running Crew Run, Rowing (kicking my ass) and building by 1000 meters each session, 20′ Body Weight workout with Katie which involves more laughing than actual lifting

Sunday: Run up to two hours, 20′ Body Weight workout, and tried some jump roping yesterday. My calves hate me.

We spend quite a bit of time walking our little dog. I make a nice dinner each night for Katie and JoAnn to mix things up as JoAnn hasn’t been out of the house for over two weeks. Yesterday, JoAnn pulled out her sewing machine and has started to make cloth masks for the rural health community. People continue to amaze me with their kindness and support of each other and the community. I feel like our hugs have turned into actions that translate as hugs.

I find myself reaching out to friends that I don’t get to talk to as much. Letting them know I am thinking of them and seeing if they need anything. I have yet to know anyone ill but I know it is coming. The Indiana University students are trickling back from spring break to pack up their dorms/apartments. The consensus is that we all need to lay low until they are done.

KT likes to watch the President’s news conference each day. I am amazed that the real leadership we need and want is rare. Some of the governor’s and business owners are stepping up but most wish that the government or rather the scientists were allowed to take the lead. I have little faith that will happen anytime soon.

Added to fear of illness, is the fear of financial destruction. My approach is to focus that this is a marathon and not a sprint. My first priority is taking care of our family and our coworkers. I don’t look at our retirement nor contemplate the other side of this right now. As trite as it sounds, I am controlling the controllable. The thing that helps me most right now is keeping a coherent schedule. Get up early to run, eat healthily, go to work, etc. It keeps me balanced and focused on the days ahead.

We had our first Zoom happy hour with friends and I broke the ice with two questions: Which couple is most likely to be divorced at the end of social distancing and which couple will be pregnant? There was some healthy laughter. Adding fun in a trying time takes some effort but the benefits are significant for my psyche.

I hope you are all doing okay and finding your way. Everyone is having some good moments and some less than stellar moments. This is truly an endurance effort. Stay healthy and remember there is No Easy Way.

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