Ironman 70.3 World Championship

Ten years in the sport and I no longer write race reports.  However I do have some thoughts on the 70.3 World Championship:

  1. As you  know, I have pushed for equality in our sport; not just for the pro women but for all women.  The split format two day race was a nice start towards equality.  It was exciting to see more pro women race than pro men.  I am disappointed that Ironman chose to limit the number of age group women.  If we can give more women this kind of world championship experience, I believe it will help attract more women into our sport.
  2. Loved the women’s only format.  Cleaner race, great attitudes and very competitive.
  3. There was no easy way in this race.  The swim had a current, the ride had a mountain and the run was hilly.  Basically Hawaii without the heat.
  4. I am pleased with my race.  I drained the tank and raced hard.  It wasn’t enough but I am honored to be a part of this event.
  5. Having Team Endurance Corner there was so much fun.  We laugh, we cheer and we enjoy cocktails together.  After 10 years of racing, I seldom remember the actual races but I always remember the times with my team mates.
  6. I look forward to racing this event again when it returns to the US.
  7. It is time for the Ironman World Championship to embrace equality for all women.  We deserve our own race and to have as many age group women racing as the men.

This was a big year for me with my focus on some exciting business opportunities.  Now that they are completed, I am looking forward to my first cycling Gran Fondo on Sunday.  I am considering racing Ironman Louisville to finish the season but more likely will focus on continuing to improve my running at the Monumental Half in Indianapolis.

Still no easy way…


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