12 Hour Timed Ultra Race Report – Minne Ha-Ha

“When I get to 50 miles, I am going to walk.”  KT’s response, “Not yet.” Me: “No. I reached my goal.”  KT: “You can win overall.” Me: “I am going to cry.” KT: “No you are not.”  Me: “Yes, I am.” KT: “That is okay but keep running.” I did keep running for another ... More

I Deserve This…

After a recent race, I ran into a successful athlete that I only know via social media.  I introduced myself and asked her about her race. She responded with a myriad of reasons why she didn’t perform to her expectations.  Some of the reasons were internal and others were external. I have been around enough athletes to ... More

My first bike race: F*&%ing Bananas

A few weeks ago, I decided to register for my first pure bike race at the Rollfast Gran Fondo in Indianapolis.  My goals were to go hard at the start, hang on as long as I could and keep the rubber side down. What did I learn?  The first two hours of a big bike race are fucking bananas.  Everyone redlines, the ... More

Redman USA Triathlon LD Championship Race Report

Winning is a habit.  My habit starts yearly with training camps.  Join me and Coach Marilyn Chychota at one of two training camps in 2016.   More info here. The three words I texted my Coach Marilyn Chychota post-race; Oops. I won. The plan for this race was simple, swim hard, bike harder and run steady off the ... More

Race Reports: Ironman Texas and Ironman Coeur d’Alene

“Did I build this ship to wreck?”   Florence + The Machine          My goal this season was to qualify for the World Championship in Kona, Hawaii.  My long term goal is continuing improvement culminating in a podium spot at Kona. I failed short term, but I am a significant step forward long term.  And ... More

Race Report: Florida 70.3

This will not be my typical race report. On Friday, as I was waiting for my flight to leave, I found out that one of my oldest and dearest friends was found dead. I had a short thirty minutes to notify friends/family, sob openly and make a decision. Yes, I was that woman crying in the airport. I learned that if you put ... More

Race Report: Ironman World Championship Kona

Hardest. Race. Ever.  And exactly what I would expect of a race that determines a World Champion. Out of my three Kona experiences, this one had it all; ocean swells, relentless wind, and surface of the sun temperatures.  And for me, a touch of redemption. If you have been following along, I managed in the middle of ... More

Race Report: Ironman Texas 2014

My top five tips for IM Texas: 1) Always pack your wetsuit. Too many people were unprepared for a wetsuit swim. 2) Always train in your wetsuit for one to two swims. No the chlorine won't kill it. Just rinse if off post swim. Being comfortable in your wetsuit will help you swim confidently and faster. 3) If you think the ... More

Race Report: IM 70.3 Texas

  The Good:  I came out of the water in 3rd place.  Huh?  What????  I have to thank Coach Marilyn Chychota (@chychota) for making it happen.  After last season, we both agreed that to get to my long term goal (a podium at Kona) I need to come out of the water with the top athletes.  Last year, I came out of ... More

Race Report: Mercuryman Triathlon Cayman Islands

Last year I participated in the inaugural version of the Mercuryman Triathlon.  This year I returned for an early season wake up call in the middle of my holiday.  I had about nine days to acclimate to the heat and humidity (I started a few days earlier at home during my training). I arrived at the East End of the ... More