Gelatin for Tendon Injury and Health

I have run (every pun intended) with lots of injured athletes.  Most athletes with tendon injuries do the standard protocols.  Many of them haven't heard about the research and benefits of using gelatin for tendon injury and health.  The best part?  The protocol is cheap and easy.  The info below is based on the work ... More

Fueling differences for 70.3 &140.6?

Question from an athlete:  What do you do for nutrition in a 70.3 race? Answer: Same thing I do for 140.6.  Although I am going faster, the event is still long. A high level of carbohydrate consumption allows me to race fast and recover well. Avoiding GI distress in racing requires practicing your fueling in traini... More

Nailing Nutrition on the Bike to Run Fast

From a conversation with a triathlete: The most important thing to consider is the grams of carbohydrates you are consuming per hour. 60-90g is recommended per hour of long course racing on the bike with the sweet spot for most people being 75g. You do want these carbohydrates from multiple sources which allows you to ... More

I am what I eat…or don’t eat

I received an email pointing out that I don't write much about my nutrition on my blog.   The email asked me for my thoughts on my improved body composition. How improved? Here is my response to the email: My diet is simple and has a few successful guidelines beyond my standard "everything in moderation": 1) Eat ... More

My Top 6 Nutrition Mistakes

You can find my most recent thoughts on Body Composition here.  One thing about writing a short online article is that I don't have enough space to list all the mistakes I have made through the years to reach my most current state of being.  In the interest of full disclosure, I decided to list my top 6 nutrition ... More

Shake it!

After a long hard work out day, if I have time, I skip the Ultragen and make my special post workout cocktail.  I kinda stole the idea from the Olympic Training Centers oatmeal recipe for athletes...Power Recovery Shake1 cup unsweetened coconut milk (50 calories)1 ripe banana (100 calories)1 tablespoon ... More