Finding Depth

Each summer for the last six years we have taken our daughter and our three nephews on a week long adventure.  Most of them involve water and according to the kids (now 18-13 years of age) some type of near death experience. Each day we announce a question or two for the kids to think about that they will need to ... More

Different Drummer

One of my team physicians, Betsy Sabga, died last night after a short illness.  I met Betsy after my arrival in Bloomington.  I needed an OB/GYN and she was well trained and highly regarded. Betsy had a small part time practice.  When you had an appointment with Betsy, it was not your typical Doc assembly line/I ... More


Every Thursday, we have family night dinner.  These dinners usually involve great wine, lots of laughter and interesting discussions.  Last night we talked about sunk costs in regards to a software project. I am fascinated about sunk costs and how our brains make decisions.  Basically it looks like this; I ... More


Yesterday, I spent the day with my best friends in the most unlikely of places: Sometimes we choose to change and sometimes change is our only choice.   Some of you have asked how Ann is doing?  Very well.  You can read her blog at Her training days look like this: Work ... More


"When you are fatigued the first thing that goes is communication and the second thing is execution." Amy Robertson Indiana University Field Hockey Coach I have been thinking quite a bit about fatigue as I recover from Ironman Wisconsin.  My recovery is going well and I feel myself shedding the layers of fatigue ... More

Performance Anxiety

Last night our little group got together for an open water swim. Due to our differences in event focus this summer, we haven't had much group training.  Sarah and Tatiana are off to represent the USA at the Olympic World Championships in Budapest.  Bob and I are off to Ironman Wisconsin. One of the things I love ... More

Sweet 16

I have been writing this blog for quite some time.  I have realized that it has evolved into a bit of a journal and a legacy for my daughter.  In keeping with that, I am writing a special post: Sixteen years ago today, I was in a hotel room in Indianapolis waiting for my life to change.  I remember that day ... More

A Reality Check

As some of you know in reading my previous postings, I wear a yellow Live Strong bracelet every day.  This bracelet was given to me by my nephew to wear during Ironman Wisconsin.  Zachary received the bracelet during his first stem cell transplant.  Zachary seems to be a bit of an overachiever and has two ... More

Things to do while Tapering!

Use your spare time to make a video of your partner playing with her pet hummingbirds.  I only wish I was kidding... More