Calm in the Storm

Last night a mother with four small children in her car, crashed into the front of my primary bakery.  All were unhurt.  The damage to the store was significant but the structure remained intact.   I overheard the fire person remarking to KT how well I was handling it.  KT's response, "She races Ironmans."  This ... More

Anything BUT Possible – Our Fight for Equality in Triathlon

The ground is shifting. The signs are everywhere.  Ellen Pao, Taylor Swift, Patricia Arquette, Hillary Clinton, Beyonce, USA Women’s Soccer, Professional Women’s Cycling and now TriEqual. The women of Title IX, like myself, are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  Our daughters are empowered and ... More

Race Report: Florida 70.3

This will not be my typical race report. On Friday, as I was waiting for my flight to leave, I found out that one of my oldest and dearest friends was found dead. I had a short thirty minutes to notify friends/family, sob openly and make a decision. Yes, I was that woman crying in the airport. I learned that if you put ... More

Clavicle Chronicles

I am going to treat this post as an ongoing update rather than add new posts.  For most recent part of this post, click here.  You can catch me on IMTalk on Monday August 11, 2014 as I talk about my accident and my recovery on the way to Kona. Feel free to send any questions to  Oh and ... More

Shingles and Endurance Athletes

Question I received from a long course triathlete: I have managed to get a very painful case of shingles.  I have missed a few weeks of training but should be healthy soon.  I have a long course triathlon in a few weeks. WWSD (what would Sue do)? Answer: The WWSD cracks me up! Whenever I talk to an endurance athlete ... More

Training, Racing and Winning in the Heat: Not Born Hot!

Welcome, this is a very short ebook I have been writing on Training, Racing and Winning in the Heat. Each chapter will begin with an Aid Station or key point for the chapter.  Please enjoy and feel free to email me questions for future chapters at Aid Station:  Be careful what you hate, you just might ... More

Ironman Lifestyle or Semi-Pro?

I had a triathlete ask me what I thought about doing some popular workout videos with his wife and daughter as his weight training work in preparation for a fall Ironman. I had a two part response. Part One: You are a talented triathlete. If you want to fully realize your potential at your next Ironman, you don't need ... More

Looking for great…

I am two weeks from Ironman Texas, and I find myself feeling reflective about my 10th Ironman.  I remember claiming one was enough! Last night, my sherpa team informed me that in two weeks, Ironman Texas will be a mini Kona.  In my age group there are seven of us that have qualified for Kona. One woman is a former pro ... More

Misery Loves Company

A race report will follow in a few days after some of the the fog clears and my cankles recede. The short story is that I qualified for the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii by finishing second in my age group (two of us qualified). Kona! Speaking of stories...a quick one from the race. As I was running the marathon ... More

Low White Blood Cell Count in Endurance Athletes

I arrived at my annual check up ready to be congratulated on another year of excellent health.  My physician had a different idea and started the conversation by mentioning that she called our local oncologist for her thoughts on my blood test.  Little does my physician know that I have spent many appointments with our ... More