Smiling at the Start

Running in Circles – My First Ultra

I love to race.  It is the crucible that brings me joy and pain.  I discovered it again this weekend when I chose to run the Circular Logic six hour timed ultra.  Why an ultra now? I have had a solid running block since last fall. You can read about it at Marilyn Chychota Coaching - Keep Running. I found out about ... More

Disheartened in Texas

When Ironman Texas is too dangerous for on course officials, it is too dangerous for participants. It was a bad decision to send 2500+ cyclists on a fast congested 40 mile looped course without officials (62.5 cyclists per mile). I believe this decision was  a violation of the USA Triathlon event sanctioning requirement... More

10 Tips for Your Cold 70.3 World Championship

Looks like some cold temps for the start of the World Championship in Mont Tremblant.  The only thing worse than a hot race, is a cold race.  My top suggestions: Go almost nude under your wetsuit.  Guys just wear your tri shorts.  Women just your sports bra and tri shorts. Put your wetsuit on early.  I have found a ... More

Ironman Louisville Race Report

This was supposed to be my "off" year of Ironman as I prepared for my big push in 2012 to a new age group (45-49).  After Wisconsin, I decided that if I really wanted 2012 to be my best effort, I better continue to spend 2011 laying the foundation. The only problem was that I made my decision at the point when all the ... More

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report

My first Ironman was Wisconsin in 2007 with a finishing time of 14:27.  Three years later and I finished in 13th place out of 129 women in my division with a 2 hour and 27 minute course PR.  The weather on race day was almost perfect.  Low 50's and sunny at 7am with a high of 80 degrees.  Winds W from 8-12mph... More

Race Report Part Tri: If at first you do succeed don’t tri again!

The melting point:  As I left the transition area, I hit a curve in the parking garage and Coach was positioned there to cheer me on the start of the Death March (aka Marathon).  I was tired, scared of the marathon and started to feel a good cry start.  My throat was closing up and the tears were forming.&... More

Race Report Part 2: Another day at the office…

Riding the bike down the helix was a bit of a challenge.  I concentrated on going slow and not taking out the spectators while looking for my support crew.  Coach reminded me that I saw her and shouted out to her, "See you tomorrow".   With all of my bike training I knew that it was going to be the ... More

Race Report: 3:20am Wake up Call

The night before I attempted to eat my traditional pre race dinner of pizza.  I was so nervous that I spent most of the time trying not to be sick to my stomach.  We returned to the hotel and watched Knocked Up, the laughter helped.  We went to bed by 10pm.  Imagine an average size hotel room.  The ... More

14:27:01 Ironman Wisconsin Finish Time

Race report to follow in a few days.  Just to keep you interested...the black eye should heal soon!  Wondering what happened?  Check this out to amuse yourself in the meantime... More

The Authentic Race Plan

I am packed and ready to go...I had no idea how much crap there was to organize for an Ironman!  I wish I could take the minimalist approach and not pack a damn thing but there are too many variables when you could be out exercising for 17 hours.  I can't even imagine the prep required for an Ultra!  At this ... More