Teaming Up

I played team sports in high school and college.  When I found triathlon, I began as an individual athlete.  My true joy in the sport happened when I found a group of individuals that shared my passion for the sport.  Although the sport remains an individual activity, my team at MCC brings me joy in so many ways; ... More


I have been triing for 10+ years.  I love competing at the top of every level including ITU, Ironman, USA Triathlon etc.  I started this sport to check off a bucket list item to defy my 40’s and the extra weight of middle age.  Now it feels like a necessity to defy my 50’s and beyond. My retrispective: Bikes ... More

Question from a Coach: GI Distress in an Athlete

I received a question from a coach about GI distress in a new athlete she was training. According to the athlete, stomach discomfort is sabotaging his running.  The athlete claims to have tried everything to prevent the GI distress.  The coach asked for a suggestion on how to start working with her client. My response... More

Introducing My New Coach

If you have followed my blog, you know this month I was charged with the task of finding a new coach for my training for Kona.  One of the things I discussed with my family is how this is the year to find a woman coach to continue my education and guide my training. After five years in the sport, I have noticed that we ... More

It’s Not You, It’s Me…

If you have followed Gordo's personal blog, you would know two things; he is having  his third child and he is in the process of simplifying his life.  Focus on the simplify part.  As in Sue got simplified! At the beginning of the season, Gordo let me know that he was reducing his coaching load and that it may be ... More

A Letter to the Athletes I am Coaching…

as their A races approach: I thought this was a very good article on dealing with race highs and lows: Chrissie Wellington on Race Highs and Lows I was fortunate this weekend to have mostly highs at Ironman Louisville. There were a few low points in the marathon (the quads were very painful the last 10 miles) and my ... More


This year I agreed to work with my first triathlete.  She is 28 years old, started her own business and is a bundle of energy.  She also happens to be a very talented athlete.  We first started working together about 8.5 weeks ago.  I asked her to stretch her boundaries a bit and come over to the "data" ... More