Living the Dream

Living the Dream! Grit happens. And sometimes in the most surprising places. Our Marilyn Chychota Coaching triathlon camps are an opportunity to find out who you are. And who you are not. Are you an athlete that embraces climbing a mountain on your bike despite the absolute terror of your first descent? When the ... More

Leaving No Athlete Behind

I have been serving as Camp Director for Endurance Corner for the last few years.  We had thirty triathletes attend our sold out camp in 2018.  Our staff included three Ironman Pro Champions (Marilyn Chychota, Justin Daerr and Lisa Roberts).  Coach to camper ratio was 5:1.  Staff to camper ratio was 3:1.  Marilyn ... More

RAGBRAI: Triathlon Training for the Triathlete

I had hoped to blog daily from RAGBRAI but the complete crashing of the cell system every time our cycling circus arrived in town prevented outside blogging.  I decided to condense many days worth into a single blog for triathletes considering RAGBRAI as a potential triathlon camp. The hardest part of preparing for this ... More

Camp Recovery Day 2

Another very solid night sleep.  I expected to feel great today and ended up feeling like I fell off a cliff.  The fatigue hit solidly today.  I had all the physiological feelings I have when I taper; including sore throat, change in my voice, and the overwhelming need to take a nap. On top of that, the general ... More

Post Camp Day 1

I arrived back home Sunday evening after a full day of travel.  It was great to be home and connect with my family again.  Until the IU/Purdue basketball game came on and then I was old news.  The good guys swept this year...go Hoosiers! I woke up yesterday with a bit of a training hangover despite over nine hours of ... More

Tucson Camp Day 6

You think the editing was poor before? Just wait until you read this one. I am writing this on my iPad in Chicago Midway airport with a training hangover. And away we go: Yesterday was our final day to go out big. I knew the day's ride would necessitate some serious fuel. Jet Fuel aka Gordo brew was available in ... More

Tucson Camp Day 5

Today was a consolidation day at camp.  After 26.5 hours of training, I decided to embrace the recovery.  First up today was a swim at the Oro Valley Pool. Justin Daerr swim workout: Warm up 400 (10") 4x100 (10") 300 (10") 4x75 (10") 200 (10") 4x50 (10") 100 (10") 4x25 (10") Cool Down 400, 300, 200 and last ... More

Tucson Camp Day 4

Again I apologize for the lack of editing in my posts.  I am getting this out quickly before we leave again... Another night of waking every two hours.  I have no idea why I am not sleeping (I think it may be related to my cycle) but I am learning to just accept the lack of sleep and train!  I woke up early today to ... More

Tucson Camp Day 3

We started today with a quick breakfast at 6:30am and a drive to the Oro Valley pool.  Opening temps were in the 30's today and I literally ran into the heated pool.  The first time in my life I hurried up to start swimming.  There was fog rising from the heated pool but not enough for me to hide! Today's set by Justin ... More

Tucson Camp Day 2

We started today with a 7am 10k up A (as in University of Arizona) mountain.  There was a great view from the top as we crested and were greeted with the sun over the mountains and valley below.   My legs felt great and I averaged 8:38 miles. A quick but massive breakfast (how come nobody told me about the cinnamon ... More