Calm in the Storm

Last night a mother with four small children in her car, crashed into the front of my primary bakery.  All were unhurt.  The damage to the store was significant but the structure remained intact.


I overheard the fire person remarking to KT how well I was handling it.  KT’s response, “She races Ironmans.”  This made me laugh.  And realized she was right.  There is something about going 140.6 miles self-propelled that puts other things into perspective.

No one died.  My business stayed open.  The community rallied with their support.  And everything is repairable.  Things went wrong and I immediately focused on solutions.  Fix and move on.

A miserable 140.6 miles gives me perspective.  And my last race felt miserable.  Having my building crushed is not something I would choose to happen.  But I didn’t feel miserable.  I knew who to ask for help.  Solutions were everywhere.

The modern world is all about convenience.  And avoiding discomfort.  Few people learn that they have inner strength beyond what they can imagine.  And when the little things happen, they freak out.

Many years ago, we started taking our daughter and nephews on adventures.  They swore we were trying to kill them.  Not true.  We were trying to help them learn that each of them was stronger than they could imagine.

Confidence in your strength is the calm in the storm.  Find it.  Again.  And again.  Resilience is a muscle.  Training is required!  And when the going gets tough, you will be one of the few that get going.  Life is a storm.  Be the calm.


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