Chili Hilly; 24 hours in the Frozen Tundra

Please add this to the list of races I will never, ever do again.  This list is led by the St. Louis Marathon.  Somewhere in the recess of my mind, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to put a team together for a Stage Race.  The Chili Hilly is held in Bradford Woods which is a forested retreat owned by ... More

January 2008 Challenge

Welcome to 2008 and our January Challenge!   This challenge is open to anyone willing to make a commitment to developing/refining his/her fitness in the next 30 days.  Please feel free to pass this email along.  You have until January 2nd at 6:00pm to sign up.  Just email More

It’s Only a Flesh Wound

Warning…this is not for the faint of heart.  Mature content enclosed.  I have had quite the off season.   I was improving steadily on my bike and running well.  I was also working harder (from an intensity perspective) than I worked in the IM season.   Over time, I noticed a small ... More

Beer Mile World Record

A New and Impressive Goal!The Beer Mile world record was broken yesterday with a time of 5:09 by Jim Finlayson. The Beer Mile was held Tuesday night on the Oak Bay track in Victoria, B.C. His beer choice was Granville Island Winter Ale, from a bottle. For those that aren’t aware of the rules, the basic idea is ... More

December Challenge: 30/30

So begins the gray days of winter.  The lovely time of year when I feel cold most days and my training usually involves the dark early morning hours.  I have been inspired by some online forums to embrace a little challenge to get me through the month.  Here it is...1)  30 runs in 30 days.  ... More


About 8 or 9 years ago, the business I started grew exponentially (11 years old).  Up until that point I was doing everything myself including the accounting.  As the business grew, the paper work shuffle became unbearable.  In order to manage it I rented an office to work from and hired a book keeper to get ... More

The Carbon Ceiling

Where have I been you ask?  Good question.  Last year I approached the off season as an opportunity to incorporate some strength training with minimal cardiovascular.   The rule was nothing more than six hours.  January hit and I was off and running (literally).  This year I decided to ... More

I Thought I Saw a Puttycat

My first post-Ironman update.  After the race, I went for a ride with Zebra Man.  One of our larger hills was looming and usually I follow as he leads.  For whatever reason this time (maybe Ironman confidence!) I decided to lead as we were careening down the hill.  Have I mentioned that I love speed?&... More

Race Report Part Tri: If at first you do succeed don’t tri again!

The melting point:  As I left the transition area, I hit a curve in the parking garage and Coach was positioned there to cheer me on the start of the Death March (aka Marathon).  I was tired, scared of the marathon and started to feel a good cry start.  My throat was closing up and the tears were forming.&... More

Race Report Part 2: Another day at the office…

Riding the bike down the helix was a bit of a challenge.  I concentrated on going slow and not taking out the spectators while looking for my support crew.  Coach reminded me that I saw her and shouted out to her, "See you tomorrow".   With all of my bike training I knew that it was going to be the ... More