Attention to Detail but Not Too Much Detail

I started tapering for Ironman Texas on Saturday.  Taper is defined as having too much time to think and fuck up your race.  Which got me thinking about why I have had success in triathlon.

  • Genetics.  Mine are middling at best but my ability to mentally endure is strong.
  • Work.  I realized that I can do a lot of work day in and day out.  As a fringe benefit, my friends get to experience my fatigue induced hysteria.
  • Consistency.  I don’t miss workouts unless there is a family emergency.  Winners get up early!  (This is for my family that trained with me at six am every day during a vacation in the Caribbean.  And may never travel with me again.)
  • Coaches.  I started with Gordo Byrn and graduated to Marilyn Chychota.  I have had only two coaches in over 10 years in the sport.  Poor Marilyn has probably earned some time off for good behavior!
  • Team.  I was with Endurance Corner from the beginning.  My heart will always be with them despite it ending.  Now I am with MCC (Marilyn Chycota Coaching) and I am excited about our mission going forward.  I perform better when I am invested in the people training around me.
  • Education.  I continue to read and research in multiple disciplines.  And I apply what I learn.
  • Nutrition.  I am not perfect because that would lead to a divorce.  I eat healthy and fuel properly.  Feed the machine!
  • Technology.  I know the anti-tech movement is growing however I love having a HR Monitor, GPS and a power meter.  The data almost feels like I am cheating when I race.  My performances are a direct result of having the information necessary to race well.  I race well when I simply repeat what I have practiced in training.  A great day is when I exceed them.

The most important part is that I haven’t gotten lost in the weeds.  I keep it simple.  I can’t win training but I can carry the confidence of training well into my race.  It is my job to show up on race day and do the work.

No easy way.



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