Turkey Trots 5K Course Preview

Reminder, the free Bloomington Bagel Co. 5K is 7:30am on Thanksgiving morning.

Dressing for a winter 5K:

  • Walking? – Dress for the actual temp.  Wear layers that are breathable and quick drying.  A light wind jacket protects you and can easily be taken off and wrapped around your waist as you warm up.

  • Easy run?  – Dress for the actual temp + 10 degrees.  Again layers of technical fibers are key.

  • Steady run?  – Dress for the actual temp + 20 degrees.

  • Racing?  –  Dress really light.  Consider disposable hat and gloves (please retrieve them after the race – no littering!).  Have extra layers waiting for you at the finish to stay warm post race.

Warm up:

  • Walking? – A nice cup of coffee is a great pre-race ritual.

  • Easy run? – Take the first mile slow and ease into your pace.

  • Steady run? –  Ten minute warm up before race start.  Finish with three thirty second strides on flat ground with thirty seconds walking recovery between each one.  A stride is an acceleration from slow to fast.  It is not a sprint!  Focus on fast feet turning over quickly.

  • Racing?  –  Pre-race espresso.  Make it a double.  The shorter the race the longer the warm up.  Ten minutes easy followed by one mile building to race pace.  Finish with five x thirty second strides with thirty seconds walking recovery between each one.  Ideally you finish this warmup within fifteen minutes of the race start.

The course:

  • You can find the course map here.

  • We start flat into the IU campus.

  • As you turn at the tennis courts onto North Woodlawn, you start the first of three uphill sections.  The next one is on 10th St. in front of the IU library and the last one is the N. Union hill to 3rd St.  If you are racing, apply some extra efforts in these sections.

  • After you make the turn onto 3rd St. the course is downhill to the finish.  This is a great course to negative split!

  • At the finish expect to be high fived by the Dancing Turkey, receive your Free water bottle and eat all the bagels/schmear you want.  And more coffee!

We are thankful for you!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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