Race Report: IM 70.3 Texas

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The Good:  I came out of the water in 3rd place.  Huh?  What????  I have to thank Coach Marilyn Chychota (@chychota) for making it happen.  After last season, we both agreed that to get to my long term goal (a podium at Kona) I need to come out of the water with the top athletes.  Last year, I came out of the water in 11th place at Galveston and spent the rest of the race clawing my way on to the podium.

This year, I stayed in either second or third through the whole race.  I worked hard in every part of the race and was thoroughly drained when it was over.  I ended up with a 70.3 PR in 5:02.05 (previous PR was 5:06.xx).  Still trying to crash through the five hour ceiling.


The Bad:  The weather was uncooperative.  It was gray and cold for my TWO HOUR WAIT until my wave started.  I was the only athlete out of 2700 people hiding in the food tent to avoid the wind.  And I wore my wetsuit.

The swim.  Galveston is a great race because it attracts top triathletes and new triathletes. The first leg of the swim was against the wind and current.  It became more complicated because too many people imploded.  They bobbed in the water waiting for rescue.  The wave runners were going back and forth submerging us with the wake.  Once we made the turn things improved tremendously.

The Changes:  The only change in this race was getting after it on the swim.

Room for Improvement:  Most of my rides leading up to the race were on the turbo.  I ended up quite uncomfortable on the bike and need another fit adjustment to get me to my happy place.

I got passed on the run with two miles to go and was annoyed that I couldn’t take the challenge.  Need to continue to sharpen the run.

Equipment Issues:  I finally found a pair of cycling shoes (Mavic) that fit me perfectly. They are road shoes and it took me a bit longer to put them on and take them off in transition.  Need to get a pair of tri shoes for the shorter/faster races.

I won a Blueseventy Helix wetsuit at the Slowtwitch party in Kona.  It is by far the best and fastest wetsuit I have ever owned.  Too bad I only do a couple of wetsuit races a year. May need to pick up their skin suit!

Nutrition:  Executed same plan as usual with at least 75 grams of carbs per hour on the bike and 50 grams of carbs per hour on the run.  I would have liked more Coke on the run but the well had run dry by the time my wave had finished.

Overall Grade:  Solid B+.  This winter left me a little less ready for an early season race than I would have liked but I think it was a good early test for Texas.

Next Race:  Ironman Texas.




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