Post Camp Day 1

I arrived back home Sunday evening after a full day of travel.  It was great to be home and connect with my family again.  Until the IU/Purdue basketball game came on and then I was old news.  The good guys swept this year…go Hoosiers!

I woke up yesterday with a bit of a training hangover despite over nine hours of sleep.   My goals the first day back:

  • Easy swim
  • Light lifting
  • Unpack and put together my bike
  • Eat healthy with an emphasis on colorful veggies
  • No sugar
  • Connect with family and friends

The swim was just fine.  I felt the fatigue in my muscles and my brain.  I made the mistake of going to the Y pool when it was beyond crowded.  Every lane had three people with at least one “floater” (the person doing side stroke or doggy paddle that doesn’t get their hair wet).  I had a short course triathlete in my lane (Brant) and he had some fast intervals so I made sure to stay out of his way on my very easy swim day.

Quick lift after my swim and I was done for the day!  Unwrapped my bike and put her back together.

Do you think that my wrapping is overkill?  I just need to scratch the damn thing and I will feel better.

The hard part about a big camp is that you are ready to keep it rolling when you come home.  The key to getting the best results from a big camp is to NOT keep it rolling when you get home.  This requires a lot of emotional management and focus elsewhere in your life.

For me, I used the time yesterday for reentry.  I had a fun extended lunch with my best friend.  I went grocery shopping.  I cooked a great dinner.  I got Coach a thank you present for supporting me on my trip.  I walked the dog.  I took a short nap (20 minutes).  I drank a Kombucha (it may be the placebo effect, but I think they are good for me).  I limited my caffeine (one espresso and one cup of coffee).

It was a great day to reboot and get mentally refreshed for my next tasks: IM Galveston 70.3 and IM Texas.

The key thing for me yesterday was getting my nutrition back to normal.  Normal for me is little to no sugar.  Yesterday was a hard reboot with no sugar.  During camp, especially training for 34 hours, I have to give up my clean diet to stay fueled and strong.  By the time camp is over I am totally burned out on gels, sports drinks, cinnamon toast, and those damn Aussie bites.

Tomorrow I have another easy swim, and an easy bike/run brick.  More healthy eating, check in at work and a nap.  Sometimes you have to go easy to go fast (or faster…at the IM distance there is no fast)!


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