Muncie Ironman 70.3

Muncie Ironman 70.3 is not a new race for me but it now has a new owner.  I was hoping that both of us would be a bit transformed.  The results:


The Good:

  • 8 minute PR over last year.
  • Perceived exertion in swim felt at a greater effort.  I actually exited the water under 40 minutes.
  • Improved transitions.  Ran like hell in the long transition to my bike.
  • Had faith that my heart rate would fall after 20 minutes on the bike.  Didn’t get worked up that I was out of my zone.
  • Negative split both bike and run.
  • Finally averaged over 20 MPH on the bike in a long race.
  • Four minute run PR in a 70.3 and only four minutes off my open half marathon PR.
  • Approximately 12th fastest age group run.
  • I am learning how to race well in the heat.  Lots of water soaking on the bike.  90+ degrees on the run.  Ice in all the usual places, water dumping, water drinking and sponges.

The Bad:

  • We had to arrive on the race site at 5:30am due to parking issues and the sprint triathlon.  My race did not start until 8:10am.  Long wait.
  • Despite all the work this winter, my swim and bike have not improved as much as I had hoped.  My fitness has improved which allows me to run faster through fatigue resistance.
  • I found that my heart rate cap of 155 on the bike is probably my limit for nutrition consumption.  It was hard to choke down the calories but I got it done.
  • My bike.  Due to my small frame I have one bottle cage.  I rigged a torpedo bottle cage but my water ejected with 6 miles to go.
  • Rigged Joule Powertap computer around torpedo but it was hard to see the data.
  • Sore throat the day after the race.  Second time this has happened.  Passes in one to two days.

Things I tried differently:

  • New TYR carbon tri suit.  Great suit but it dries so quickly that it is almost tougher to stay cool on a hot day.
  • Kwicky Blade Lights.  Very light but appears to hold water more than the original Blade Lights.
  • No sunscreen or deodorant to aid sweating.
  • A bit of a chocolate bar on the bike.  Ugh.  Not for me.
  • Chrissie Wellington’s nutrition recommendation of a caffeinated gel on the run.  One Espresso Gu immediately off the bike, one at mile 5 and the third at mile 8.  Chase all with water.
  • Bobby McGee’s run/walk method.  Seven very short walk/ice breaks in the first 7 miles.
  • Ice down shorts.  Girls did not appreciate the arctic environment.
  • New Look Keo Pedals worked great.  I felt stronger climbing and more efficient pedaling now that my left foot is not sliding all over.
  • Different hand position while aero.  Relaxed and less upper body torque.
  • Improved body composition with lowest race weight to date.

Room for Improvement:

  • Swim.  I am working on some technique changes from camp.
  • Bike.  Bike.  Bike.   The top three women went 2:30 to 2:35 on the bike.
  • Run.  Now that I know the run walk method works, I think I can chip away even more time on the run.  At one point I remember being shocked how fast I was running.
  • Mental state.  Now that I am truly racing, I need to focus on positive mental energy.  I am learning to dig very deep.  Time for some brain training.

Equipment Issues:

  • Considering upgrade on bike for increased aerodynamics, lighter weight, greater comfort and room for more water!  Looking at Speed Concept 7.2 with some slight modifications.  My current bike is five years old.  Not sure if a new bike will equal a faster ride.
  • Wheels.  It may be time to have a more aerodynamic powertap for racing.


  • Normal race breakfast.
  • Bottle of gatorade before the swim.
  • 2 Bottles of double strength EFS Grape on the bike with a half scoop of pre-race (caffeine) in each.  One gel (plan was two but lost water bottle).  One piece of chocolate.  550 calories total.
  • Three espresso GUs on run (300 calories).
  • Water as needed.

Overall Grade:

  • A for execution.  155 HR averaged on bike with a negative split.  164 HR averaged on run with negative split.
  • I did qualify in the rolldown for the 70.3 World Championship in Vegas.  Big thanks to Gordo for being available for a consult.  I did not want to do the race and Gordo reminded me to stick with our plan.  Kona or bust.

Next Race:

  • Ironman Louisville.

Shout Out:

  • So many people from Bloomington participating in this race.  Great to see all the friendly faces and all of our hometown spectators.  Thank you for the cheers.  I couldn’t always respond but I smiled inside.
  • Terrific race management.  I did not think anyone could do a better job the the Muncie Endurathon folks but with 1200 more participants the race support and execution were outstanding.
  • Gordo.  He has been “sharpening” the knife this season and it is paying off.



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    Tom Saccone
    July 18, 2011 (7:24 pm)

    Talk to your coach. Let’s get you behind the moto this year. We’ll do some controlled power and high threshold work. You will get faster! When is Louisville? Tom