I am what I eat…or don’t eat

I received an email pointing out that I don’t write much about my nutrition on my blog.   The email asked me for my thoughts on my improved body composition. How improved?

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Here is my response to the email:

My diet is simple and has a few successful guidelines beyond my standard “everything in moderation”:

1) Eat real food preferably organic
2) Quality protein at most meals
3) A decent amount of fat in the form of olive oil, eggs, avocados and mixed nuts
4) Avoid sugar
5) Minimal alcohol

The biggest thing that has helped me this year is we have started eating big salads at night for dinner with some protein in them. We love it and it makes me feel great.

We rarely eat out because it is hard to know what is in the food beyond lots of calories. Plus I love to cook.

I started this path by keeping a food log of everything I was eating. It was very illuminating.  It also doesn’t hurt that I embrace Gordo’s concept of “no zeros.”  I am active every day for at least an hour. This could be training, walking, hiking etc.

I am officially in the best shape of my life.  I feel great and am excited to continue my path in living the healthiest life possible.

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    Damie Roberts
    August 30, 2011 (9:53 am)

    Sue! Just read your post on Endurance Corner. Thank you! I was just talking about the same thing this weekend with a friend on what it takes to be a good/elite age grouper. I even used the word “outliers” to describe the exact type of athlete you described in your post. I think that a lot of what we see on blogs are the “outliers” that jump right in and are national class in a short amount of time based on genetics and previous sporting history. We forget that is not normal, because is seems so normal in our daily media! But, the majority of us have to do years and years of work, and you don’t always see those types of athletes blogging. So, thank you for pointing that out once again. It is good to be reminded of what it takes for the normal person sometimes!

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    August 30, 2011 (11:55 am)

    Thanks Damie. There is a lot of us out there…were just too busy working at it to talk or write about it! Have a great race in Madison…it is a very special event!

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