Avoiding Nausea in Rough Water Swims

Question I received today:  Do you have any tips for avoiding nausea in a rough open water swim?++++I believe some athletes develop nausea in swimming due to allergy issues and their inner ear.  This is a great conversation for your athlete and their physician.  My physician advised me to ... More

10 Tips for Your Cold 70.3 World Championship

Looks like some cold temps for the start of the World Championship in Mont Tremblant.  The only thing worse than a hot race, is a cold race.  My top suggestions: Go almost nude under your wetsuit.  Guys just wear your tri shorts.  Women just your sports bra and tri shorts. Put your wetsuit on early.  I have found a ... More

Clavicle Chronicles

I am going to treat this post as an ongoing update rather than add new posts.  For most recent part of this post, click here.  You can catch me on IMTalk on Monday August 11, 2014 as I talk about my accident and my recovery on the way to Kona. Feel free to send any questions to sue@fewoman.com.  Oh and ... More

Shingles and Endurance Athletes

Question I received from a long course triathlete: I have managed to get a very painful case of shingles.  I have missed a few weeks of training but should be healthy soon.  I have a long course triathlon in a few weeks. WWSD (what would Sue do)? Answer: The WWSD cracks me up! Whenever I talk to an endurance athlete ... More

Tips for a Strong Cyclist: Riding on a Multi-Day Group Ride

I have a friend about to embark on a long cycling trip. She is by far the strongest rider in the group.  She is required to stay with the group but is not quite sure how to do it.  She is worried that she will lose fitness.  She does not want to be the first person kicked off the ride. Here are my tips for her to ... More

Training, Racing and Winning in the Heat: Not Born Hot!

Welcome, this is a very short ebook I have been writing on Training, Racing and Winning in the Heat. Each chapter will begin with an Aid Station or key point for the chapter.  Please enjoy and feel free to email me questions for future chapters at sue@fewoman.com. Aid Station:  Be careful what you hate, you just might ... More

Nailing Nutrition on the Bike to Run Fast

From a conversation with a triathlete: The most important thing to consider is the grams of carbohydrates you are consuming per hour. 60-90g is recommended per hour of long course racing on the bike with the sweet spot for most people being 75g. You do want these carbohydrates from multiple sources which allows you to ... More

Why you should choose a HOT race!

And how to train and prepare for a great day.  My chat with Bevan and Johan at IMTalk: http://bit.ly/1hoktcI More

Power Up

Are you stuck indoors riding the trainer this winter?  Can't afford a full blown power meter system?  If your answer is yes, you're wrong.  Now everyone can afford an indoor power system. Parts needed: 1)  Trainer.  Highly recommend the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine.  Lifetime warranty and excellent customer service. ... More

New Shiny Things

Each season, I like to review any new equipment I have tried (purchased).  Here is my list for 2013: Latex tubes - The normal black tubes are butyl.  Many people cautioned me on switching to latex claiming more flats will happen.  I found that not to be true. They feel faster, more comfortable and I think they ... More