12 Hour Timed Ultra Race Report – Minne Ha-Ha

“When I get to 50 miles, I am going to walk.”  KT’s response, “Not yet.” Me: “No. I reached my goal.”  KT: “You can win overall.” Me: “I am going to cry.” KT: “No you are not.”  Me: “Yes, I am.” KT: “That is okay but keep running.” I did keep running for another ... More

Living the Dream

Living the Dream! Grit happens. And sometimes in the most surprising places. Our Marilyn Chychota Coaching triathlon camps are an opportunity to find out who you are. And who you are not. Are you an athlete that embraces climbing a mountain on your bike despite the absolute terror of your first descent? When the ... More

10 Tips for Your Cold 70.3 World Championship

Looks like some cold temps for the start of the World Championship in Mont Tremblant.  The only thing worse than a hot race, is a cold race.  My top suggestions: Go almost nude under your wetsuit.  Guys just wear your tri shorts.  Women just your sports bra and tri shorts. Put your wetsuit on early.  I have found a ... More

Race Report: Mercuryman Triathlon Cayman Islands

Last year I participated in the inaugural version of the Mercuryman Triathlon.  This year I returned for an early season wake up call in the middle of my holiday.  I had about nine days to acclimate to the heat and humidity (I started a few days earlier at home during my training). I arrived at the East End of the ... More

Moat: Staying Calm Before the Storm

I arrived on the island from a whirlwind trip; a long flight to Los Angeles, our joyful marriage after 16+ years together, and another way too long flight to Kona.  My stay here has been anything but a whirlwind.  Like the rock in the middle of the cove above, I am staying calm, quiet and protectively surrounded from ... More

Ironman Louisville Race Report: Get After It

I have now worked with my coach, Marilyn McDonald (@chychota) a little over a year. Louisville was our third Ironman together.  When I looked at TrainingPeaks for her notes on my race execution in Louisville, I found one phrase; Get After It.  Perfect.  It was time to go get my race. This year I had the following ... More

Diesel: USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals Milwaukee

A few weeks ago I headed off to Milwaukee for USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals. A week before the race, I suffered a calf strain.  For the first time in a long time (and I can't remember the last time this happened), I had to stop a workout.  I had chosen an out and back route for my long run and to add insult to my ... More

RAGBRAI: Triathlon Training for the Triathlete

I had hoped to blog daily from RAGBRAI but the complete crashing of the cell system every time our cycling circus arrived in town prevented outside blogging.  I decided to condense many days worth into a single blog for triathletes considering RAGBRAI as a potential triathlon camp. The hardest part of preparing for this ... More


I have realized quickly that my mission for RAGBRAI is to break out of my pampered perfect and organized world.  My comfort zones are being obliterated.  My education includes not having my regular diet, sleeping in a cot tent, finishing a hot ride to sit around in more heat, and trying to get organized for a long ride ... More

Tire Dip

We arrived at the RAGBRAI campgrounds adjacent to a huge Bass Pro Shop parking spot.  RV's and tents set up around the mid-America center in the cyclists version of tent city.  We parked our RV and set up our own version of tent city. This was my first time ever setting up a tent.  Well kind of a tent.  I actually am ... More