Break Before Breaking

I thought I would want to resume running this morning.  When the alarm went off at 5 am, I contemplated staying in bed.  Once I was awake and caffeinated, it was clear that I confused wanting with hoping.  I decided that hoping was not a great mental state to resume training and instead I walked the dog and sat in the ... More

Smiling at the Start

Running in Circles – My First Ultra

I love to race.  It is the crucible that brings me joy and pain.  I discovered it again this weekend when I chose to run the Circular Logic six hour timed ultra.  Why an ultra now? I have had a solid running block since last fall. You can read about it at Marilyn Chychota Coaching - Keep Running. I found out about ... More

Rubber band woman

Niggles: Run Away, Keep Running

Niggles.  The name sounds dirty (at least in my corrupted mind) and reminds me of fight club.  The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club. The only corollary for niggles is that you may mention it but without specifics.  You can say “I have a niggle,” but never mention the where and what. If ... More

Gelatin for Tendon Injury and Health

I have run (every pun intended) with lots of injured athletes.  Most athletes with tendon injuries do the standard protocols.  Many of them haven't heard about the research and benefits of using gelatin for tendon injury and health.  The best part?  The protocol is cheap and easy.  The info below is based on the work ... More

On to the Next One

I have had a lot of questions about what I am doing now and what is next?  I have an upcoming article at Endurance Corner that outlines my off-season check list.  Everything from a bike fitting (done and yes my seat was too low by about two inches) to medical appointments. My training volume post-race was almost nothing ... More

Camp Recovery Day 2

Another very solid night sleep.  I expected to feel great today and ended up feeling like I fell off a cliff.  The fatigue hit solidly today.  I had all the physiological feelings I have when I taper; including sore throat, change in my voice, and the overwhelming need to take a nap. On top of that, the general ... More

Post Camp Day 1

I arrived back home Sunday evening after a full day of travel.  It was great to be home and connect with my family again.  Until the IU/Purdue basketball game came on and then I was old news.  The good guys swept this year...go Hoosiers! I woke up yesterday with a bit of a training hangover despite over nine hours of ... More