My First 40k Time Trial

So...despite a heavy training week, I let the young and fabulous triathletes talk me into participating in my first 40k Triathlon.  I drove approximately 45 minutes to Monrovia Indiana.  I paid my $25 and signed up to be fifth from the start.  There was major bike bling at this event and some incredible ... More

Sue’s Epic Excellent Endurance Weekend

As you may have noticed, I did not complete the Triple T this year (at some point I will write why but I am not ready yet).  HFP Racing has been kind enough to roll my entry over until next year.  Instead, I decided to complete an Epic weekend of training.  Why?  Almost all of my training involves a ... More

Leave No Man Behind

Just a quick report.  What about Bob and I decided to brave the recent epic deluge and participate in the:                                               The race occurs in Morgan Monroe State ... More

Thunder in the Valley…and some humidity/humility!

2007 Race Results:2008 Race Results:Assessment:1)  There is no replacement for interval training (as noticed by the 17 minute improvement).  The official end of the LSD (long slow distance) addiction in my life.2)  You can buy speed.  I am not ashamed.  At some point I need to calculate a PR ... More

The Derby Chase

Better late than ever!  April 26th I had the honor of running the Louisville Mini Marathon again!  Last year (see race report in a previous entry) I ran the Derby and then finished running the Marathon with What About Bob.  This year Bob and I decided to both run the Mini.  After our respective spouses ... More

IU Mini…Climbing Every Mountain

Yes, I have been training and no, I obviously haven't been writing much.  My emotional focus has been elsewhere and I seem to struggle with my writing flow.  After completing the January Challenge, I have continued to focus on my running with the assistance of Jack Daniels revised addition of the Running Formul... More

A Run in the Park

For Spring Break, we decided to “invite” ourselves on “What about Bob’s?” family trip.  It just so happens that they were headed to New York City to see the sights.  Coach and I love cities and decided that New York City would be a great diversion.   Whenever I travel I ... More

Chili Hilly; 24 hours in the Frozen Tundra

Please add this to the list of races I will never, ever do again.  This list is led by the St. Louis Marathon.  Somewhere in the recess of my mind, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to put a team together for a Stage Race.  The Chili Hilly is held in Bradford Woods which is a forested retreat owned by ... More