Diesel: USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals Milwaukee

A few weeks ago I headed off to Milwaukee for USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals. A week before the race, I suffered a calf strain.  For the first time in a long time (and I can't remember the last time this happened), I had to stop a workout.  I had chosen an out and back route for my long run and to add insult to my ... More

Ironman Muncie 70.3 Race Report

Muncie is my hometown race (only two hours north and east of Bloomington).  I have experienced every type of weather imaginable in this race including wind, thunderstorms and heat.  2013 would be the first time I would experience ideal temperatures (allowing me to wear my aero helmet) and a wetsuit legal race.  Everyone ... More

Ironman Texas Race Report

This weekend I completed my seventh Ironman (2x IMWI, IMAZ, IMLou, IMTX, IMWC) since 2007 and the most challenging race I have completed (15.5% of the field would end their day with a DNF). I had a few good cool days in The Woodlands but as the week progressed, the conditions became progressively hotter with high humidi... More

IM 70.3 Texas Galveston Race Report: Riding it Like I Stole It!

This is the first time I have attempted two 70.3 races within two weeks of each other.  I made some adjustments this race after the Gator Half: Returned bike position to my standard Ironman Retul fit. Continued running the latex tubes in my Conti 4000's. Targeted 65g of carbohydrates per hour on the bike. Added a bit ... More

Gator Half Race Report

This was a breakthrough race for me.  I towed the line with the thought, I am here to win.    I finished the race with the win as the first overall female.  This was a serious paradigm shift and included the incredible feeling of knocking off a bucket list goal; winning a triathlon! I won't bore you with my typical ... More

Race Report: Mercuryman Triathlon Cayman Islands

After I planned my winter trip to the Cayman Islands, two of my friends (Danny and Marie) on the island contacted me to let me know there was a new 70.3 race.  The dates worked and I immediately registered. The first thing I did after registering was order the Ruster Sports Hen House.  My Aerus Biospeed bike case is ... More

Race Report: Ironman World Championship Kona

The first time I watched the Ironman World Championship on ABC's Wide World of Sports, I was awestruck and knew there was no way I could do an event that covered 140.6 miles self propelled.  Thirty years later, I found out I was wrong and after three years of consistent work, I have achieved my dream. My day started at ... More

Tri Indy Race Report

Just a quick report on my Olympic tri yesterday.  I would call this my race of disruption. Everything I normally do pre-race was changed.  I am having so much fun racing right now that I decided to just roll with it.  There will come a day during an Ironman when stuff goes wrong.  These short races are great practice ... More

Faster, Faster: IM Muncie 70.3

Just a quick update after two races; Hoosierman (local sprint) and Muncie NOT 70.3. At Hoosierman, I finished third overall and eight seconds from capturing second place. Muncie results were second in my age group: I lost the race on the bike as the winner in my age group was almost two minutes faster. I won't bore you ... More

Ironman Texas Race Report

Texas was my fifth Ironman since 2008.  It was my first Ironman that I thought I actually might chase a Kona slot.  It was also my first IM race performance that I would consider sub-par.  And rough.  Really rough. What happened (guys you may want to skip this part)?  I started spotting the day before the race and ... More