Calm in the Storm

Last night a mother with four small children in her car, crashed into the front of my primary bakery.  All were unhurt.  The damage to the store was significant but the structure remained intact.   I overheard the fire person remarking to KT how well I was handling it.  KT's response, "She races Ironmans."  This ... More

Am I Having Fun Yet?

Yesterday a friend and fellow business owner emailed me and asked me for the job description for my Chief Operating Officer (COO).  I emailed him the following: A very simple one. Protect my family/life from the business. Run everything The COO is evaluated on the three P's: People (staff/guests) Product ... More


Every Thursday, we have family night dinner.  These dinners usually involve great wine, lots of laughter and interesting discussions.  Last night we talked about sunk costs in regards to a software project. I am fascinated about sunk costs and how our brains make decisions.  Basically it looks like this; I ... More

Under a Rock

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity for a business expansion.  It was the perfect storm because we were in our peak season, revenue was high as was fatigue.  I didn't understand why we had the opportunity for expansion and I searched out another business owner who was leaving the location.  I found him and ... More

Business Life

Lots of conversations lately with friends about their businesses, my business and other businesses.  Most people think they own a business but often are really in a busyness.  Hence the quote..."the doing of the doing is why nothing gets done..."  As I have new ideas for a business or I am presented with new ... More