Camp Recovery Day 2

Another very solid night sleep.  I expected to feel great today and ended up feeling like I fell off a cliff.  The fatigue hit solidly today.  I had all the physiological feelings I have when I taper; including sore throat, change in my voice, and the overwhelming need to take a nap.

On top of that, the general inflammation in my body is high.  I put on a pair of jeans and I felt like my quads had grown three sizes.  I thought if I flex them really hard I could literally Hulk my way out of my jeans!  My big training weeks often lead to general body inflammation.  I feel this physically and it shows up as weight gain on the scale.

I stopped by work to check in today and was greeted warmly but with a “what the hell are you doing here” look.  Obviously they had things under control!

My first workout today was an easy swim.  I decided to avoid the floaters at the Y and rejoin my Master’s team.  To keep it easy I added some toys.  Fins for the fast 50’s and paddles/buoy for the other work.  I completed 2400 yards according to my plan and left practice early.

I had a quick lunch at home as the front of fatigue rolled over me.  Immediate nap required.  After a hard but short nap, I went for a 30 minute easy high cadence spin outside.  The weather was 66 degrees and sunny.  It was vaguely reminiscent of Tucson including the 40 mph gusts.  After the ride I had an easy 30 minute run.  The first 10 minutes felt less than easy but I started to perk up a bit towards the end.

I am eating very healthy and staying completely away from sugar.  Looking forward tomorrow to making the turn…now I must sleep.  Again.

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