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Beer Mile World Record

A New and Impressive Goal!The Beer Mile world record was broken yesterday with a time of 5:09 by Jim Finlayson. The Beer Mile was held Tuesday night on the Oak Bay track in Victoria, B.C. His beer choice was Granville Island Winter Ale, from a bottle. For those that aren’t aware of the rules, the basic idea is this: Each competitor drinks four ... More

December Challenge: 30/30

So begins the gray days of winter.  The lovely time of year when I feel cold most days and my training usually involves the dark early morning hours.  I have been inspired by some online forums to embrace a little challenge to get me through the month.  Here it is...1)  30 runs in 30 days.  2)  30 minutes for each run.3)  ... More


About 8 or 9 years ago, the business I started grew exponentially (11 years old).  Up until that point I was doing everything myself including the accounting.  As the business grew, the paper work shuffle became unbearable.  In order to manage it I rented an office to work from and hired a book keeper to get it done.  I was convinced it ... More

The Carbon Ceiling

Where have I been you ask?  Good question.  Last year I approached the off season as an opportunity to incorporate some strength training with minimal cardiovascular.   The rule was nothing more than six hours.  January hit and I was off and running (literally).  This year I decided to approach the off season very differently ... More

I Thought I Saw a Puttycat

My first post-Ironman update.  After the race, I went for a ride with Zebra Man.  One of our larger hills was looming and usually I follow as he leads.  For whatever reason this time (maybe Ironman confidence!) I decided to lead as we were careening down the hill.  Have I mentioned that I love speed?  The faster I can go, the bigger ... More

Race Report Part Tri: If at first you do succeed don’t tri again!

The melting point:  As I left the transition area, I hit a curve in the parking garage and Coach was positioned there to cheer me on the start of the Death March (aka Marathon).  I was tired, scared of the marathon and started to feel a good cry start.  My throat was closing up and the tears were forming.  I was tired enough that I ... More

Race Report Part 2: Another day at the office…

Riding the bike down the helix was a bit of a challenge.  I concentrated on going slow and not taking out the spectators while looking for my support crew.  Coach reminded me that I saw her and shouted out to her, "See you tomorrow".   With all of my bike training I knew that it was going to be the longest portion of my Ironman experie... More

Race Report: 3:20am Wake up Call

The night before I attempted to eat my traditional pre race dinner of pizza.  I was so nervous that I spent most of the time trying not to be sick to my stomach.  We returned to the hotel and watched Knocked Up, the laughter helped.  We went to bed by 10pm.  Imagine an average size hotel room.  The Professor in one bed, Coach and I ... More

14:27:01 Ironman Wisconsin Finish Time

Race report to follow in a few days.  Just to keep you interested...the black eye should heal soon!  Wondering what happened?  Check this out to amuse yourself in the meantime...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3S0wu4Zbfk More

The Authentic Race Plan

I am packed and ready to go...I had no idea how much crap there was to organize for an Ironman!  I wish I could take the minimalist approach and not pack a damn thing but there are too many variables when you could be out exercising for 17 hours.  I can't even imagine the prep required for an Ultra!  At this point my special needs bags have ... More