Am I Having Fun Yet?

Yesterday a friend and fellow business owner emailed me and asked me for the job description for my Chief Operating Officer (COO).  I emailed him the following:

A very simple one.

  1. Protect my family/life from the business.
  2. Run everything

The COO is evaluated on the three P’s:

  1. People (staff/guests)
  2. Product (Quality)
  3. Pesos (Sales/Money/Labor/Costs)

His response?  “Well shoot.  Something so simple couldn’t possibly work.”  Insert emoticon for sarcasm (we really need one!).

My triathlon training reflects my business philosophy.

  1. Have a plan
  2. Work the plan

Evaluation is equally simple:

  1. Am I a faster swimmer/cyclist/runner
  2. Are my race performances improving
  3. Am I healthy

There was a point in the last year when I stopped having fun.  The training was hard, the expectations were high and the progress seemed slow.  Despite the difficulty, I kept the faith that every hard day was a step closer to my goal.  I knew one day the feeling of fun would return.

Two weeks after Ironman Louisville I have found my fun.  The race exceeded my expectations and the pressure valve has released.  Although I did not get my Kona slot, I am happy that the goal is within reach.  I understand on a deeper level the work and it’s connection to my dreams.

Something so simple can work…





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