5 Tips for Your Hot Ironman Louisville

Things are looking challenging this weekend in Louisville.  Most triathletes have been loving the cooler training  conditions this summer.  If you are one of them, don’t despair.  You can still get a great race.

When you arrive in Louisville, do not panic heat train.  Reduce fatigue and physical stress by staying out of the heat!  Race morning, try to have a homemade slushy (gatorade and crushed ice) to sip before the start.  

My Top Five Tips:

1)  No aero helmet.  If you must, make sure it is well vented. Why?  You want to be able to keep your head drenched in cold water.  

2)  Stay drenched. Treat every bike aid station as your personal caterer and valet. Slow down, grab nutrition (drink to thirst) and then grab a water bottle to douse yourself from head to toe. Take a second water bottle to do the same between aid stations.

3)  Reduce your pace on the bike. Let HR be your guide. The course has lots of short grinding hills.  Managing effort manages heat.

4)  Wear a running hat on the run. And make sure your top has pockets. Consider cooling arm sleeves. 

5)  Walk the back half of every aid station. Eat, hydrate and apply ice and water everywhere; hat, bra, pockets of jersey, shorts, inside arm sleeves and hands. I have won my age group at Louisville and qualified for the Boston Marathon by walking 25 aid stations!

Win the war of attrition on the run and you win the day. Managing heat and effort on the bike and walking the aid stations on the run can set the stage for a great day. Go get your race!

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