10 Tips for Your Cold 70.3 World Championship

Looks like some cold temps for the start of the World Championship in Mont Tremblant.  The only thing worse than a hot race, is a cold race.  My top suggestions:

  1. Go almost nude under your wetsuit.  Guys just wear your tri shorts.  Women just your sports bra and tri shorts.
  2. Put your wetsuit on early.  I have found a light running warm up in your wetsuit can be helpful on cold days.  
  3. Wear disposable shoes to keep your feet from getting cold when you are waiting for the swim start.
  4. Wear new swim goggles or bring defogger.  Contrast in temps can increase fogging.
  5. Towel off after the swim.  Sixty seconds of drying off will make a huge difference.
  6. Put on Tri Top after you are dry.  Add an old full zip cycling jersey  that you won’t mind discarding.
  7. Arm warmers or long socks with the feet cut off.  Wear stuff you are happy to discard.
  8. Toe warmers for your cycling shoes.
  9. Vinyl long disposable dishwashing gloves.  Looks ridiculous but works!
  10. Aero Helmet with limited vents.  Consider taping vents shut.  No aero helmet?  Put a swim cap over your normal helmet.

Don’t discard anything unless you are sure you will not get cold on an extended downhill. Nothing worse than your hands shaking while going fast down a mountain!


And a friend who is a USAT official asked me to remind you that you may only discard clothing and trash at aid stations.  Leave no trace and receive no penalties!


Go get your race…and not hypothermia!

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